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04 July 2010

World Cup at Resort World -Sentosa

Pet Lover !!
some snacks for Gucci?

Aha !
After from Vivo city and Harbour front
We went to Resort World at Sentosa to meet his other uncle haha...
Guess what? We went to Sentosa by Taxi !!
yes from Harbour front to Sentosa by TAXI !!
and as usual, Harbour front taxi stand was very very crowded...
so we called for a taxi...
and surprisingly, It only cost us $7++ to reach RWS
It's cheaper than monorail loh..
It was 4 of us ystd,
If we went by monorail,
It will cost us $12 ($3/ per person) lol
We save $5 + no queue + just wait for our chauffeur to come..

Tada the main door..
from car park..

This was what I saw when I stepped in...

A lot of people were queuing to go in...
For? when you see long queue in Singapore...
It's either FREE or the good/ food is very NICE..
In this case, they get to watch world cup for FREE...
BUT !! You've to be their member..
yes, Resort World member...
Will talk more about this in my future post =)

Entertainment of the night...
Belly dance
It reminds me of my cute sexy lil babe from Vietnam =P

have a great great day !

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