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01 July 2010

Welcome session to my new life...

Traveling on the surface is not really a good idea aha!
I have to avoid avoid and avoid Mr Sun !

Yesterday, I thought I would be late,
so I went to the campus by Taxi
and I regretted Huh ! I supposed to reach there by 10 am..
and yes I was there earlier..
but guess what time the session started? 10.30 H.U.H !!
return me my $15.40 please...!!

bue song face

After about 15mins...
Finally I arrived !
Tada..My new life starts from HERE

First shoot in the campus toilet hahaha..
I snap shoot everything !!
whenever, wherever, whatever...!!

so this is my student card...
I looks like a maid in the photo..hahaha...
so dark lol
and thanks for the OctovianTi !!
That's a maid-ly name..

Fiuh I hate it...!!
Is my name that difficult to spell?
always wrong ! always !
My passport, My IC, My certificate, My ATM card etc etc..
Octaviani, octovianti, octoviana..hellow!?
It's OCTOVIANI !! huh..

The Welcome and Induction session
took abt 1 - 1.5 hours only...

After from the campus
I decided to go to Bugis and stroll around...

wonder why that lil boy was sitting there..

I went to Bugis Street for shopping
I found myself a $5 dress, $15 slipper and 2 rings that cost only abt $10 !!
gonna share when I wear it =P

mah breakfast !

Chicken ball and chicken w/ green pepper !

So !! 2hours passed really fast...!!
and 2 hours for shopping was too short for meh!

I had an appointment with ICA at 3
and so I rushed and met with ptbf there...
Lucky it wasn't too crowded
But as always..
Problem occurs !! HUH..
I paid the fees at the wrong machine..
so I need to submit another copy of passport..
and you know what
photo copy shop in the ICA building is always CROWDED
I was being asked to wrote an apology letter to the officer =_="
I have to retake my photo etc etc...

And so...
I spent about almost 2hours just to get
my lovely student pass..
yes lovely 2 hours =_="
thanks for the companion!

Waiting and looking at those number
for hours
was a dumb and silly experience !

Then we had dinner at Paradise inn..
It was our 3rd visit !!
we ordered our fave usual..
mapo tofu, chicken wing, salted egg prawn !!
click here first visit
click here 2nd visit

Rosy Vanilla Iced Tea
The flower was lovely..
and I am in love with the TEA !!

Eddie is coming to city square mall this 3rd july
and let's end this post with these romantic cute hammie...

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  1. do get your sim member card name corrected or else u will have a hard time to update for your graduation certificate. study hard...


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