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25 July 2010

Sushi Tei 20% off !!

20% off till end of this month!!!
only at City Square Mall outlet
(don't forget to pick up the coupons from cust.service)
actually anywhere in the mall..
something like a flyer...

It was really a good deal..
Because, even if you have their membership,
the most you can get is only 15% off
and it has to be on your birthday month lol

so what are you waiting for?

Mango + Passion Fruite juice nyam!

sushi sushi !

paul the octopus haha..

Ptbf love to pick up EXTRA things from the sushi bar...
and this is one of them...
I mean the portion was HUGE and
Before he get it,
I was very sure he will definitely WASTE it!

And I was right..
after about 3 piece of salmon skin,
He decided to give up...
But guess what? at the end, he did finished it all..

Because I said
"If you finish it all, I'll settle the bill !!"
and he really finished it...

Ok fine, It's better than wasting food...
Ok fine, I'll get 20% off anyway...
Ok fine, I'll settle the bill as promised =)

It was a very rare occasion,
It only happens max twice in a year

Believe it or not?
When we go out together,
we NEVER dine in a FOOD COURT
(such as kopitiam/banquet etc..)
somewhere with CROWD!
No matter how I forced, he insisted NO!

We always go to a restaurant or at least
a not-bad-makan place and yes without CROWD...
It's not because of me but HIM !!

and that's also the reason why..
HE is always the one who settle the bill..
It's not me, it's not-not fair, it's his problem..!!
please lo, I am not those RICH tai tai,
and yes I don't own a rich husband yet , yes YET =P
I can't afford it =_="

We're really 2 very contrasting person loh..

I will look for FREE movie
and he will go for the mad expensive Gold Class for movie..

I will look for FREE dinner, lunch or whatever
He'll mostly go for expensive luxury meal -_-"

I am fine to queue for cheaper/ nicer stuff..
Never expect him to queue..
I can guarantee you,
He'll nag after less than 3mins of queuing

I will travel by Mrt/ Bus...

Believe it or not...
This is his 3rd year in Singapore,
He traveled by MRT for less than 10 times and
never travel by BUS..yes NEVER...

I love to eat snacks while shopping...
such as; Fried chicken or fries,
(you know, sometimes, to enjoy shopping,
we need to eat/chew on something
so that we won't try on clothes because it's troublesome!
which mean we can SAVE MONEY isnt? =P )

and according to him, that was unglam and not-hygiene
and he'll definitely give me a very BLACK face
If I insist to do that...

Bugis street is my favorite place...
Price range is $10 or lesser !!

Orchard is his favorite place...
Price range is $100-$1000 or above !

He hate me
when I took out all my shopping voucher, coupons etc...
I mean *why not?* If we can get things cheaper
*why not?*
I don't understand lo..
He just simply think that I am an AUNTY !

and for me,
He's just a BOY who still don't know how hard it is to earn..
that 'something' precious called MONEY!

and yes...
I don't know why we're together..
and He don't know why too...
BUT I am sure we do (at least 1%)
♥ and care about each other


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