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26 July 2010

Support my Pocici please !

I randomly bought CHIC magazine last Friday.
It was their Birthday Issue.
and I officially announce that
This will be my new FAVORITE magazine!
Simply because...
It's very informative and CHEAP
for $2.80 it is definitely worth it..!
You know what,
some magazines are really advertisement oriented.
I saw the SAME ADS every time I bought...BORING!

You can find a lot of blog shop,
info on where you can buy what, inside it..
It's really A LOT !!
I am going to keep it till I have time..
Then I'll go through all blog shop featured inside..
(It's too much, I can't go through one by one NOW)
I am STILL stress of my college life...
Still adjusting, still adapting =( SAD !

Saw my bro's boy inside !!!

See the one below the hammie?
The one with deep blue coloured frame!
aha! That's a Pomeranian named MERZY !

Gucci want to be in the magazine too...!!
Simply click this photo Below...
It will lead you to the Chic's facebook - Wall photo..

and kindly LIKE my gucci.... =)

Gucci needs 50 likes to get into the magazine!
please please please

LIKE my Gucci Mon !! Hahaha!

This is my Gucci with his latest Schnauzer's cut !
He was hesitating!
Don't know which shirt to wear =P

And this is his xiao ca bo mum !

That's it =)

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