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29 July 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

I can't pronounce Sorcerer's Apprentice properly Haha...
Thanks to Nuffnang for
the complimentary movie preview screening tickets !!

I know I am a bit late...
I bet all of you have watched it ckck...
It was a nice movie...
and my bro will definitely love it!!
He love these harry potter's kind of story...

And Guess what?
We got free popcorn and pepsi too !!!
That was awesome ! =)

Best companion for movie !!

After from the movie,
We went to have our dinner at Newtown circus !!
again picture from BlackBerry, so please bear with it =P

Moma moma....

King Prawn !

Love the chilli !!
I just finished a mid-semester exam today !!
and I am mad- HAPPY !!
Because, I can answer the question and I guess (hopefully)
My answer was right haha !!
Ok moving on....
Individual assignment !!!!
Wish.Me.Luck !

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