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24 July 2010

Physiogel Blogger Event

So, I was invited to another blogger event !
I was delighted because only few blogger
were chosen to attend the event..

and I was one of them =P

As mentioned,
I lost my phone and all of the pictures
that I took at the event is inside the phone!! *sad FML*
=( =( =( =( I don't feel right! I want my phone back T-T
I've collected a lot of QUALITY photos that
I planned to blog about, in future..
and now it's all GONE !! T-T

Anyway, I'll try my best to describe the event ok..!

I was so happy when I received an invitation
from Ju Ann to attend this "Physiogel Blogger event!"
I actually saw and heard about this product before.
Physiogel is well known with their lotion and also,
their products are highly targeted at people with sensitive skin..
just like ME !! yeah...!!
and of course
people with normal skin can use it too..

So when I arrived, what I did first was to REGISTER...
Then, I was required to take a measurement
on the moisture level of my skin...

Less than 70 means your skin is dry
More than 70 means your skin is fine
More than 100 means your skin is crazily MOIST!
Haha.. =p

So mine was 77 ! That was consider not too bad..
ehemph! I actually applied moisturizer before the event =_="
I did not know that they were going to test
the moisture level of my skin lo...

Haha I guess If I didn't have any moisturizer on my skin,
It should be less than 10 bah..hahaha...
yes..It's because (again)
Currently I am consuming roacuttane =P

There were 3 categories
and I was categorized to "Rehydrate team"

I sat at a corner, alone,
till another blogger appeared..

Haha..Nice to meet you, Rachel !
She introduced me to her friend, Clara and June
How sweet right..ehya..
All of them are famous blogger!! *How lucky am I! =P
I need more blogger friend! yes more please..

There were some finger foods and snacks
such as teriyaki chicken, beef, dessert etc

Was not too bad but the quantity was disappointing
=_=" The scenario was like
"You have to get it now, or you'll get nothing later"
They should prepare more!

So the event started from a lecture conducted by
a dermatologist,
Mr Mark Tang.

I learn a lot about skin..
such as..

What causes dry skin?
Air conditioner

How to keep skin moist?
Drink water? It does help!
Olive oil aha!
Do not take HOT shower OR your skin will get drier..
Lastly of course moisturizer!

You'll need a good moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and moist.

Good moisturizer?
- Hydrate and restore (smoothen skin)
- Deliver and retain moisture (lock moistness in your skin)
- Physiological (user friendly and does not clog pores)
- Preferably Hypoallergenic (no fragrance, no preservatives, no colorants)

I wish I can share more...
But I am so sorry readers...
Due to my stupid forgetful brain,
I can't recall much thing without pictures =(

There were some games after the talk and
My team won it..!!
Each of us was given a shampoo cost $22 Hahaha...
Paiseh! I didn't contribute much =_="

I was given a set of product too (worth $140) =P
Omg! so complete loh!
From lotion,
shower cream,

Thanks physiogel!



  1. Guess what! I was tested as well and my moisture reading was 15.


    I am mad dry. Hahaha

  2. Hahaha don't worry...we have physiogel !! haha.. =) you're cute!


Thanks for your lovely comment!