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12 July 2010

Manchester United Home shirt 2010 - 2011

So ptbf pre-ordered his
Manchester United Home shirt 2010/2011

through their official website last week..
After a week of waiting, It finally arrived today.
Gucci was very noisy..coz..
Someone was knocking the door..

Hahaha everyone was still sleeping lol

The post man asked
"Hm...what did you order? New Man Utd shirt is it?"
Ptbf replied "Yes, I ordered it from their official website"
The post man "Can you open it now? I want to see.."
Hahahaha hillarious or rude? =)
If what ptbf ordered was not a shirt but underwear,
should he open and show it to the postman too? =P

So..why was the post man so curious?
Because...The shirt is not release yet !
Not even on their website.
It is still on "revealed soon" status..
It will be released only on 15th of July =)
The shirt costed him about $150 including delivery cost
what suprised me was..
It is made from Indonesia !!
Hahahaha...The shirt has been travelling ha!
Indonesia, Uk, Singapore
and I guess will be back to Indonesia again haha..

and there's a secret behind this logo...
A word "Believe" is embossed at the back

and ME camwhoring with the shirt hahaha

*don't laugh*
I know I looks stupid!

Lastly, Cutest pic ever !

Gucci with his Man-U shirt haha..


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