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30 July 2010

Love my Contact Lens Kit !!!

I was looking for this anna sui kind
of lens case kit..
I saw it from Bugis months ago..

and I finally found it !!!
I swear when I walked into the shop,
I was talking to myself
"I want that kind!! If I found it here, I'll buy it !!"

And seriously I FOUND IT on SPOT !!!!


and then, on the next day after I got it,
I received another Contact Lens KIT from Freshkon!!

omg !!!! thanks Agnes! =)

*Happy x 100%*

So I have two now =P

The hot pink is mine !!!
I collected light pink case from Freshkon ^^ mine too
I was requesting for black..
Too bad it's out of stock.. =(

Love Love Love



  1. hi dear,

    saw ur lens kit, damn pretty=)) where did u got them? and how much? i want one badly~

    regards, chewy

  2. It was a gift from freshkon?


Thanks for your lovely comment!