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30 July 2010

London Weight Management

Aha after a year, I finally show up !!
Hahahaha I bought a package one year ago !
I almost forgot lol
I am still left with 5 sessions !!
I am planning to finish it before September =P

So, I went down on last Monday !

Before this, I had my slimming session at Novena.
I transferred my package to City Square Mall !!

First thing I did was to keep everything in the locker...

Change to slipper

I was given a robe, 2 disposable undies and shower cap =)

Before the session,
my consultant needs to record down my weight and
I have to take off my clothes too
as my consultant needs to measure every part of my body..
yes naked ! =)

Then, I went for steaming (15mins)

Applied slimming gel on my body and wrap !!
Just like this below..

Picture credit from

For your information,
It wasn't me in the picture !! LOL!!
If I am her, I'd not go for slimming lol
where's her fat? =_="

After done wrapping, I lied down on this bed
and was covered with a heat blanket..
It was very relax !!!
Light was deemed and I felt like sleeping..

The heat was fine...
you'll just sweat that's it!

There were 3 types of gels
Hot Gel, Cool Gel and Sensitive skin gel

I was using Cool gel that smells mint..
so I was enjoying actually..

After about 30mins of resting and sweating
in this private room,

I brought along my own
shower gel,
and facial cleanser

travel size..
convenient right...

They provide shampoo and shower gel..
But I don't want, I want to use mine =P

I love this nice right...
Gorgeous Red ! =)

The outlet just opened few months ago..
so all the things were still very new...

Besides, City Square Outlet has lesser crowd too =)

yahoo !! was drying my hair..

For me, It was just like a spa session hahaha...

Done !!

Was given strawberry cereal drink as my dinner !!
and warm water after that.

So, the result?

Stay tune and I'll tell you =P

NOW !!!!
I've got 2 free slimming sessions for you!
Better than what I had above..

It's a Lavender Lipo Therapy slimming session..
you'll get lavender scrub and other additional service..
Just need to follow my blog and comment !
Leave your name and e-mail address

I'll pick 2 random winner and
announce it on 3rd of August =)

P/S :
There will be a consultation session
before you get the free slimming
and they might do hard-selling to you.

Yes, do prepared for all these..
I don't want my reader to feel cheated by ME lol


  1. nonsense ! haha!! no !! you're too slim..this is not a fat gaining session.. so you can't have it =P =PP =PPP dd ni aneh" ajah lol

  2. I want I want. Please!!
    I am too fat. :(
    here it is..

  3. :( huahh . I wan to loss some weight. Mayrine uda kurussssssssssssssss kokkkkkkk
    hahahahahah :D
    here is my email ~

  4. Gosh, Rene, si lynz is crazy.. if she's fat then I will be the pig. :D

  5. no...both of you are THIN !!! =_=" I should set a rule before this haha...
    ok.. =_=" I'll give the free session to..... *drum roll* check FB inbox =_="

  6. Hi Irene, ur blog is really interesting. a lot of stuff that can be shared here :)
    Im just dropping by to read this article about slimming treatment cos I might be going for it too! I'm just wondering if it really works or does it have any side effects afterall? and could u please share about the price wise?

    thanks a lot! nice to know u!


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