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03 July 2010

Let's make today a sweeter day !

If you want to work in tourism industry,
Be prepared to travel overseas... !!
Travel overseas? For?
*Business trip
*Bring a group (role as a tour guide)
*Mostly WORK !!

But, not everyone will get the chance to travel though
But wait....
Is that really that FUN?
That makes people want to travel overseas for a
Well maybe..
But, for people like my boss who has been traveling around
at least once every one/two months
I guess he find it boring and tiring !

Yes I guess tired is the word..
Usually when you're assigned to travel overseas means
You have to travel there and WORK
and the work is not that relax man..
I mean you're still working..or even
*work harder it's just that you're in a different country
which they called 'overseas'

Why work harder?
Yes! your working time will definitely be extended !
when you're in local, your working time might be from 9 to 6
But when you're overseas,
your working time might become almost 24 hours
ok not that bad....maybe 8am -2am ?
For example, when you go overseas for a meeting trip,
you've to catch your flight in the middle of the night,
wake up early next day, have your breakfast,
and find your business partner for
meeting meeting and meeting,
back to hotel late, dinner alone,
sleep? NO!
stay overnight to settle things like replying email,
make a report,
settling thing that you usually did when you're in local..

So travel overseas mean
Local work + Extra work = Business trip

Hahaha ok that sounds stress.
Lucky if your host entertain you.
You might get to visit/play around some places at that 'overseas'.
If not, too bad,
you've to walk around yourself IF you have the time.

btw no matter how busy you are, you'll still get to SHOP
This is a good thing...!
At least, when you're in the airport..
hohoho... =)

aha...of course..
You'll get to travel not only when you're in tourism industry though..
It's possible in every industry indeed.
It just that, if you're in tourism industry,
you'll get higher chance to travel more often...

There's also something called an INCENTIVE TRIP !!
OMG !! this is definitely a trip that everyone is dying for..'ll get to travel without your WORK..
how heavenly good is that...

Incentive trip
Local work x 0 = Holiday !!

Hahaha...ok well !!
Today I am going to share some snacks..
that colleagues bought when they traveled.

This is a god-damn-nice pistachio snack.!!!
It was from James.
He got it when he traveled to turkey?

This is an interesting candy.
There are 2 candies in every pack.
From Sam.
He bought from Virginia?

Tada guess what's this...
PIG oil =X
It tasted kinda weird and oily =X

It was from James, Macao?

Liqueur filling chocolate..
from Yvel who just came back from her honeymoon trip =)
Europe!? hmph..somewhere..haha..

Hmph..This is from Leo..
haha not from Overseas..
But Made in Japan I guess hahaha...
That was a Melon biscuit

OMG see that luxurious box....

tada too bad..only 6 left hahaha...
I forgot who bought it lol
but definitely from overseas...

More chocolate
This is not from overseas..
But from Bugis..
Haha nevermind lah..
It sounds almost the same..
OverSEAS and buGIS =p

This is my favorite among all !!!

Mochi Ice creammm ahhhrrrrrrr !!!!
mine was azuki bean..
gonna get some later...
I am craving for it NAO !!
creamery - Bugis junction B1 I guess..

That's it for now...

Btw, I get to travel overseas too when I was an intern
click if you're interested =P
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  1. i went overseas for traveling before.. never for work purposes.. but i hope to do one like that next time! =)

  2. If you have the chance don't forget to share it on you blog =)


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