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05 July 2010

Knight and Day wohooo !!

Went to Plaza Singapura ystd...
had 3 in one at Ichiban Sushi..
with him, his uncle and his bro...

This is my HUGE set of meal.
cheesy chicken,
soft shell crab,
and fruits

My passion fruit drink

spin and win !

After the meal, we headed to the cinema..
It was crowded. Lucky we have booked the tickets online.
We watched "Knight and Day".

OMG never know that Tom Cruise is so charming...
I still remember, during high school orientation,
We were being asked to write our
favorite idol/ person's name

in a piece of paper and stick it/ hang it (I forgot)
in front of our uniform..

we need to collect certain amount of signatures from senior..

(we have to meet the number, if not, we'll get punishment)

and it was a god-damn-hard task..
coz senior will make fun of us
before giving us their signature..

If you wrote singer's name on it, senior will ask you to SING..
yes SING !!
*in the middle of the field / facing the wall / run and sing

or dance and sing,
or whatever possible-SILLY-dumb-stupid things !
They just want to make us embarrass thats it.

And so, I didn't write my fav singer's name,
coz I don't want to sing...
so whose name did I wrote?
Tom Cruise without knowing who's Tom Cruise..! silly right...
lucky none of the senior asked me to list down
all Tom Cruise's movies name..

BUT !!
One of the seniors asked me,
"what is your hobby?"

I answered "laugh"
He replied "Ok...go...laugh and run the field 5 times"
=_=""""" thanks senior !
That's a never-gonna-forget- experience !

Love cinema's environment..
chilled dimmed and romantic !

Our tickets...!!
wohooo jackpot ! let's try !!

scan and key in the serial number...

OMG !!! see what we won !!!
hahaha..actually that was RUBBISH loh...
fly to Australia no need money meh =_="

Lastly Hampers I got from Cleo...
wahaha I was told the hamper wort $401
doesn't looks like loh ckckck..
a cap
a shirt
a note book
a BB case
a bandana
a useful travel set
a poster
and TWO Complimentary Passes !!!
too bad I've watched it...


  1. first time drop by..
    u hv wonderful lifestyle..
    n ur blog nice too...

    i'm fr selangor..
    welcome u to my blog..

    i love the song too..nice


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