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12 July 2010

KISEKI buffet @ Heeren

Went to have buffet with ex-colleagues on last Friday..
We went to this Kiseki buffet at Heeren.
Guess what? It was so cheap lorh~
I did some research on 'Singapore buffet' before this..
and most of the buffet place I suggested was too expensive
Rise, Marina Bay Sand
Caroursel, Royal on scott
They'all out of our budget *sigh!

So L suggested to have it at Kiseki

Which was Good and Cheap !
It was only abt 20+ for dinner (weekday) and
30-40 for dinner (weekend)

There were queue when we arrived.
But as we have made a reservation,
we don't have to join the long queue ^^v

Tadaa..The food street =D
Salad Anyone?
Or Soba maybe?
I would say, there were not much choices of sushi..

I didn't see any my favorite, Inari sushi.. =(

Pasta and Grill !

OMG !! Sukiyaki...
I felt like having another round of buffet =P

The only section that I was looking forward to !
Seafood !!!! omg omg omg omg....!!!

PRAWN !!!!

Not mine...I am not fans of oyster thinggy =)

Not mine too..
I don't like sashimi =P

Mine !! can you see the fish on the left side?
they said it looks like those fish that you can find in a spa
(foot spa I mean)
It was nice loh..but they don't like it huh..

I love pork ball !!

Wohoo beef and chicken tepan !

Our food before 3 other colleagues arrive...

and when we were half done, they came and started !!

Dessert !! Looks nice....
But it tasted not really nice..

That's it gonna rush to the campus biebie~


  1. Wow! Buffet restaurant is one of my fav spots.

    Definitely will try it out if I got the chance to visit Singapore :)

  2. Heys, can I ask everything is all you can eat, right? :) No need to pay any other charges after the full amount? :) Ohya, do reply me at my blog can? :>

  3. Hey ..thats cheap man! so cheap... i can see lots of variety too~! =D

  4. yes consider good deal hehe =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!