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08 July 2010

Ketchup please !

Woke up early this morning...
was planning to pick up my bro from Harbour Front,
But too bad, that bastard was drunk last night and
couldn't wake up this morning, so,
I was forced to go to Raffles Place to meet my landlord..

You know what?
I am going to move soon !! I am serious!
Hahaha I've ever said this last year, But luckily,
Landlord offered me to extend my contract =)

and now,
I need to rent a NEW house (HDB/ preferably Condo)!
Moving end of August !!!
Partial furnished is fine.
Looking at 2-3 rooms
and somewhere near to East west line MRT
(the nearer the better)
(Tiong bahru, Queenstown, Redhill, (E-11 to E-20 ))

Depends !!
If the house is really nice,
Location is best
Price is reasonable,
I don't mind to pay more..
so, any amount actually.

If you're a property agent or
myb your cousin, parent, neighbour, aunt, who ever it is
Have a house that meet my criteria above and it's for RENT
Please kindly email me at

OMG headache...
Honestly, I hate to move and
I hate to find a good location and beautiful house..
coz it's god damn difficult lor..stress !!
It's really driving me CRAZY !! huh !

ok calm down relax,
have some cupcakes ! nice right !!!

ok...where am I just now?
oh Raffles Place !

After from there, I rushed to the campus
and met my bro there..
Lucky he was with his friend...
I am so so so sorry bro..
Hahaha I was supposed to accompany him *sigh*

So after meeting him,
I went to had mee siam at the canteen.
I was craving for mee siam !

Then I went to the library..
yes ! Irene went to LIBRARY for STUDY !!
Honestly I need to ketchup la..
sorry I mean catch up =P with my study..
I need to concentrate, so I can consume !

I want to be a good student !


Starts from tomorrow okeh?
coz I went back 1.5 hours earlier just now..
Hahaha cannot take it lor..
I was so sleepy and the lecture was boring *sorry!

I don't care I am signing off biebie =P

Guess where I went? Shopping !!
In the campus =_="

Hahaha...I bought a bag at $12 only !
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
It's a good thing lor...
Hahaha I can still shop
for dress, accessories, bag etc
even when I am IN the campus =P

Anyway, I hate it !!
I hate the fact that the journey from home to campus
is god-damn FAR !!

3mins to mrt
9mins to Outram park mrt
3mins of walking
15mins to Clementi mrt
5mins of waiting
10mins of bus trip to SIM
= 45 mins man !!
stress !

What should I do otw?

Otw HOME..
I always think about what dinner should I have.

I was craving for something Sweet just now!!
I need something to
-makes me happier and
- makes my day better !

Today I decided to try EachACup !

For Me, Him and His Bro
(apple yogurt and chocolate orea + pearl !)

seriously nothing special lor
I don't understand why so many people love it !

and lalala~

He made dinner for me !
a SUPER ROUND egg + sausages + my favorite sardine !

I already know what to think about when I am otw HOME


any idea?


  1. Visiting here my friend..Nice..My latest in innit 4 today Haha..

  2. each a cup.. i wanna try! but didnt see it here in malaysia.. =/


Thanks for your lovely comment!