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03 July 2010

I support Germany !

Dear reader... T-T
I have been wasting my holiday..
Huh I didn't enjoy it at all =(
as you can see from my blog post recently..
so boring right huh...
anyway.. so finally today I stepped out from the house...
went to Vivo city to fetch his bro and uncle..

Before that, do you believe that this is a 600 bucks loafer..
It looks like 6 dollars to me..

and tada.... !! Hahaha sorry..
I love to take picture in the TAXI
simply because..the lighting is good..
and I am so in love with my recent skin...
so how can I stop snap snap? =P

Since I've stopped working,
I have been skipping my breakfast + lunch
Settle everything by having huge portion of dinner...
BAD !!

Had 3 in one at Garuda - Vivo
as always...

His Es chendol...

Germany VS Argentina...

and I am on Germany...
How about you?


Thanks for your lovely comment!