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22 July 2010

I lost my lovely phone...

So....I lost my handphone...


I went to watch INCEPTION with bf and his bro yesterday..
Before the movie,
we went to have a dunch first (dinner+ lunch) lol

(No imagine the picture of...)

*Pink Guava juice*

*Unagi Tofu*

*Bento set*

*Curry rice*


Hikz... Then after from the movie,
we decided to go and buy JCO donut !!

So from Iluma, we went to Bugis Junction..

It was very crowded why?
Because, Mr. Jay Chow was there..

and as a blogger,
of course I took out my phone and snap!

T-T Then we went to B1 to buy donut

*Imagine the picture of COLOURFUL donut*

after donut, we went to the taxi stand.

ups! saw *PET LOVER* so I went in alone
to buy some snacks for Gucci..

Bf rushed me, "Hurry up! The taxi is coming.."

"Ok ok..."

put my phone on a side of the cashier...
took out my wallet, do the payment..
and go !

then when I was in the Taxi,

I was talking to myself..
"Hm...let's take a look at all the pictures I took!"

and TADA !!! I can't find my phone....
rushed back to the pet shop, GONE !!

did I cried? I didn't at first...
but tamada bf made me cried...

as always... =(

Then I decided to give up...

otw home, I asked the taxi driver..
If I lost my phone where should I report to?

"There's a police station's only abt 5mins away
from your house...
do you want me to drop you there?"

I said "Ok...!!"

Hikz...even I've reported, useless loh...
My phone won't come back...

and I assumed I am still in my dream =_=" Inception....

uwaaaaa..........return me my phone !!!

I just bought it and blink it months ago....

My phone still contactable...
try 830-77-333

let me know if anyone answered.... T-T


  1. Oh no!!!~... hope u'll get your phone back.

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