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09 July 2010

Have a great great FRIDAY !

Guess what? I slept at abt 04.00am last night..
and woke up at 07.00am this morning !
(thanks for sacrificing your sleep and waking me up!)
I slept late and woke up early because,
Last night, I was SHOCK and Panic!
after reading a letter sent to me on last Tuesday from sch.

I thought I've missed some classes and luckily,
I've TN and her friend who clarified me.
and of course I did double check with my sch as well.

Yes I didn't miss any class. Attendance is 100% so far =)
cooked Indomie + golden mushroom + mushroom ball !!

I love mushroom !!! am going to the campus NOW !
then collect my new card,
had dinner with ex-colleagues
and MOVIE !! yay yay !!!


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