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06 July 2010

Good / Bad sign

Yesterday morning, about 10.45 am.
When I stepped out from my house,
I saw these... nice right...It looks like...
It was a chilled morning !! just like Genting...!

But Wait !!!

How about this?

Please loh..Hahaha..
It looks like heaven to me...
I had hard time passing by these thing...
coz I cant breath lol

I took it as a welcome thinggy for me..
Hahaha coz yesterday was my 1st day going to campus...


I didn't print out all the notes..
was late for abt 5mins..
didn't tap my card at the entrance..
coz I dunno where the hell the TAP point was..
HUH..SIM can you please at least...
provide us an orientation /

myb a tour around the school?
I had hard time finding places..
thanks grandma who has guided me..

Huh...I was so stressed ystd huff...
After class, went to Iluma to meet him and Edyson.
We watched IP MAN - Reborn

thats it gonna rush to campus biebie...

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