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23 July 2010

Dessert and Snacks Delights at City Square Mall

Aha! again, I dropped by City Square Mall (as always)
Actually, I am forced to pass by the mall everyday haha..
because that's the only way for me to get HOME! lol

There were this Dessert and Delights thinggy going on!
and of course as a blogger, I have to explore =P
ok actually I was starving la..hahaha =P

there were some booth,
selling various kind of snacks and dessert...

and I stopped by this SPICY FISH BALL stall...

Decided to try and aha! spicy level = 50% only..
Not as shiok as how it looks

Durian stall by Four Season!
as you can see various kind of durian's product

I decided to buy Durian puff !!!
I love durian...but not as a FANS as ptbf !

20pcs was selling at $9.90?

and the durian filling was LOVELY !!
you should try !
especially when it is frozen..
It tasted like Puff with Durian Ice cream inside OMG =)


  1. The durian pancake is nice =P

  2. agree :D I try it b4 :D


Thanks for your lovely comment!