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18 July 2010

City Square Residences Sports Facilities !

Omg! It only left about one month to be here...
I am moving soon...
Gonna miss this place T-T
Guess what?
The rental fee has gone up to almost 50% !!
Crazy right..Haha lucky I got it cheap..
huh..But, if it's not due to my campus and my bro
I think, I'll continue to stay here..
coz everything is so EASY, CONVENIENT AND PERFECT

I need to find somewhere near to my campus,
somewhere bigger as bro is coming to join me soon.
somewhere better than this...I hope...
But..yeah I don't think I can...
coz the place I am staying now,

is the best condominium so far...
It's also the most demanded condominium (recently)
that's why it's god-damn-expensive now =(
My friend bought a unit here..
I guess she must be god damn BOOMZ-rich now..

Anyway so! for about almost 2 years,
how often do you use the Swimming pool?
Once or two times per two year!? =_="

The fitness center?

Never and Soon!

Game room?
Never and never.

Golf course ? Never Never.
Karaoke room? Never Never.

and yes, I think I should explore it soon.
or maybe Today?
Ok I've decided! I am going to swim tonight !!
I am going for tennis later..
If I have time, I am going to do bowling too...!!

I have to enjoy and experience everything before I moved !!!
I need to relax a lil bit too..
as I am really stress and tired recently..
I need to ENJOY LIFE !

Let's do some exercises today, shall we?

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