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17 July 2010

Chocolate Attack !!

OMG !! I am god-damn stress now.... T-T
will talk more abt this at the end...

We went to Fairprice to buy some groceries yesterday...
coz, his bro and himself randomly feel like to COOK !!
(thanks ha! don't forget to wash the dishes too) =P

and Tada !!!
Here are some delicacies that they made..
hahaha I swear. I don't know how to cook those.. =P
not even the rice...
my rice is either too hard or porridge!

Looks not bad ha!
and yah! we love to use paper plate..
just throw it away after the meal..
how cool is that?

The not-so-bad - steam - sad - fish

I requested for bak kut teh..
but where's my golden mushroom? sad...

again, his signature kangkong...

There were fried fish and ngo hiam too..

So while they were choosing for the groceries,
I couldn't help myself..
my body was walking toward the snack section
choose and BUY a lot of CHOCOLATES !!
and you know, chocolate is not cheap..

and I was asking and begging for those okay!
"Can I buy chocolate?"
"buy lah.."
"But I don't know which to choose.."
"Can I buy two?"
"Hannah.. Hanna..."

and ended...

"LOH! These are the two that you mentioned?"
"I want I want =P"
(ok thats childish)

But I really need those !! I am stress stress stress !!
It has been 2 weeks since I started my univ life..
and guess what?
Mid term test is this week,
Individual project also due this week,
Group project draft have to be done by next week
etc etc etc
I feel stress !!!! =(


  1. Chocolate lover here!!! haha choc can definitely release some stress.. btw, all the best to ur mid term test.. ^^


Thanks for your lovely comment!