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09 June 2010

What to blog about?

I've nothing to blog about...

you can close your screen now..

I didn't go anywhere FUN..
Didn't buy much INTERESTING things..
I've been doing the SAMEthing EVERYday

Wake up
Take a bath
Make up
Buy breakfast
Go to work- start at 8
Lunch at 11.30 or 12.30
Off from work at 5 or sometimes 7 (depends)
Buy dinner
Back home
Kiss cici
Facebooking Blogging
(IF I've things to blog about)
Take a bath
Zzzz... and repeat...


Life is BORING and MEANINGLESS ! god'damnit!

I can't wait to start my new life
05 JULY will be the date =)

nah let's start by drinking OXYGENATED water by Ajisen

Crab stick Sushi !

California Maki

Ton Toro ramen

Chicken Teriyaki !
yay ! Got new pair of Freshkon.. =)
gonna wear it soon =)

Let's pray that something FUN will happen soon =P
How I hope I am as Happy as my song now !!!!

btw click CTRL + D and OK =P


  1. nice food!!! looks so yummy

  2. did so many thing still say do nothing fun.


Thanks for your lovely comment!