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21 June 2010

Weekend with Bro !

Yey ! Yesterday I went to have my breakfast with bro
at City Square Mall-Ishi Mura
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Hahaha he was starving while I was still blogging ystd..
I promised to go out with him at 12 which we end up going at 1.30
and yah it was lunch not breakfast hahahaha...
He was almost faint
sorry sorry sorry

I had my fav Okonomiyaki (shown on my prev blog entry) !
something like Japanese pancake
made from noodle/cabbage, egg and other ingredient..
scallop? beef? seafood etc....
NICE !!! =)

He had Chicken Teriyaki Bento
and for side dish these were what we ordered..

Chicken wing, Mushroom and Sausage Bacon !

Ribena w/ Mango !
Then we headed to Plaza Singapura!

Hola spend $30 and you can take photo with Twetty and Friends !!
Hahaha we was planning to go on the stage too...
but suan le bah ! haha paise ckckck

Spotted Hello Kitty Sushi !
but not so appetizing ha!

We bought some sushi for Dinner !

Hola ! Funny bread hohoho...

Shopping with Bro was FUN hahaha...
we were controlling our self from buying things..
We went into cold storage..
and visited the flower sections..
I said "Wah I never know that flowers are so cheap here..
If you want to give it to your girlfriend tell me OK we just buy the flower from here and I will wrap it for you"
He goes like this =_="
"how about planting it ourself? it's even cheaper"

when we wanted to buy something...
these words will come out..
*aiya..we print it and stick it ourself*
*aiya..we DIY ourself..*
*aiya I know how to make need to buy*
*aiya we have a lot at home*
*aiya we don't really need it*

and yay ! we didn't buy too much things yesterday..
I've been spending a lot on shopping this month..
It was because I kept having this thought in my mind
"hm...$10..I just need to work 1 hour and I can get this..."
can la can la buy la buy la...
and I buy la buy la xi la xi la loh! haha...
*aiya..I think thats it for today bye aiya!!*

Bear with me...
and yes me too !!
I don't know what am I talking about lol

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