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26 June 2010

Wasted trip and Grandma's restaurant !

OMG ! So!
I am very very sure this time will be my LAST saturday shift hahaha...
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It was out of expectation to come to the office Again!? this saturday..'s okay..!!
at least it was more relax as reu was with me hahaha...
I guess reu will have to do Sat shift after I left..
good luck ! Hahahaha...

To be honest, I love Saturday shift.
I have plenty of time to make up, no need to rush
and I can wear heels (but I didnt) to office..!!
and what I love the most is I don't need to travel underground =P
What I need to do was just to wave my hand *excuse me! haha =P
excuse me!?? ?? =P =P =P

slack a bit =P

So I have been postponing my medical check up appointment....
and finally TODAY ! I went down and met my lovely doctor lol
Last check up was done 2month ago... 30 April ! haha..
click here for 30 april post..

After from work, I went to pick up ptbf and
we headed down to Mount Elizabeth! I was almost late huh!
Doctor was checking on my record..
"last time you came was...........wahhh!!"
hahahaha lol and He said
" In this case, I'll give you 2 boxes medicine"

and I replied "how about 3 boxes?" hahaha...

Doctor earns $515 in 5mins!
For me I need to work hard for 5days to get $515!
not fair =(

We walked around orchard and finally decided to settle down
at this Grandma's restaurant hahaha...
He said "I missed his grandma's food so..let's go in!"

Grandma's is located at The Paragon - B1 !!
Tidal Wave
Green apple, ice cream something...
Beef rendang omg!

claypot tofu

Assam prawns !
haha it was hidden inside...
what you see below is just the onion LOL
Calamari !

our new favorite restaurant...
and it was affordable...
for all foods and drinks shown below only cost not more than 60 !!

and we're god damn FULL !!

I was planning to go and buy a branded bag for my mum...
I already knew what to buy...
and when I went into the shop,
browsed around and finally decided to buy..
sat down nicely, we were being offered some drinks too...
filling up the form and was ready to pay...
they told me
"Hm...I am so sorry...But this is the ONLY BAG LEFT in Singapore"
It was a display set and there were some problem with it..
WTH loh...hikz...I was very stress at that time...
haha frustated...!! and I felt like *I want to go home NOW !
hahaha...and so I didn't get that coz
I don't mind to wait for couple of weeks for a new one!

just pray that the money is still exist by the time the bag arrived haha...

So I got nothing from today's trip,
conversely, he got a pair of shoes..! huh..
his bean shoes lol

Then we went to
The only store in Taka that has lift inside its shop.
haha lv 1 to lv 2 = 30 secs lol

thats it bye !

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