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16 June 2010

SIM Enrollment Session

Holaaa !! I am off from work today..!!
I've been OT-ing okay! I should have a day off !! yes SHOULD!
Fiuh...What have I been doing today?
I went to SIM huahuaa...
(was lost..again!? thx to lenny who directed me =))
There was an enrollment session that I MUST ATTEND !
Basically what I did was just to listen on the instruction
on how to login to RMIT e-mail etc etc...
And also some formalities *sign sign sign and sign !

Guess what? I was so shock!
when I heard these at the registration counter..

What's your name?
"Irene.. Irene Tan...Irene Octoviani Tan"

" are IRENE?"
(In my mind wah am I that popular?)

"You're supposed to come at 11.30 I called you this morning.."

and I was like
"WHAT !!!???? (ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ ) I did received a missed call
but the letter that I received,
clearly stated that I am scheduled to come at 1"

=_=" SO!
they have misunderstood me as a SINGAPOREAN...
yes again!? fiuh...
International student supposed to come at 11.30 am
and the letter I received clearly stated
that I have to come at 1 pm !
not 11.30 am phew...!!

I woke up at 11.30 this morning
haha how to attend session at 11.30!?

International student guide

Please lor..
I've planned everything nicely
and they called me last minute..
I guess I've missed some talk about Student pass etc...
I might have met some new Indonesian friends
if I came at 11.30 huh!!!

We were supposed to fill up some forms
and I was stuck with this question...

what/ who is Torres strait islander origin?
what I knew about Torres is he's a football player HAHAHA

Haha I was thinking about to tick YES..
and indicate that I have some skin problem (which is true)
So that I can excuse myself for outdoor (sun related) activity...
haha but hmph...forget it!

After the enrollment session,
I was supposed to REGISTER for *Orientation Camp !!*
but as there were super long queue and I was still hesitating...
I decided to register a lil bit later...
and went for photo session 1st...

(and I didn't register at the end..
Because the registration booth disappear
when I finally made up my mind and
decided to go back and register )

Haha BTW I don't have most of the stuff mentioned above lol

Shoes? I don't have any sport shoes
Sleeping bag? What the hell is that?
Clothes? Can I wear my hello kitty shirt?
Towel? My towel is PINK if you don't mind lol
Toiletries? I don't think I can bring toiletries...
Simply because I have toooooo mucchhhhhh laaa....!!
I think I need a luggage if I really have to go to the camp...*sigh*
I've never ever ever join a CAMP in my life
that's SAD...
To be honest..I want to join the camp...
but there are TOO MUCH things
that I need to buy and bring in order to join..
and I hate the fact that we've to stay overnight =_="
and also the *sport wear* thinggy

The photo session was quite funny haha..
3 people in a
btw I love that! it wasn't strict...
I don't need to move left right..
I don't need to clip my hair..
Just shoot and go...!

So ! there will be another welcome and induction session
probably next next week..
hope to meet more new friends...
I am still hesitating on joining the camp or not?
that would be a good chance to make friends..
But...haiz...I still can't make decision lol

After the session, I went to Raffles Place.
Supposed to get office's key from reu..
But too bad, there was an immediate changes
I was scheduled at 09.30 tmrw..
I want morning shift (8 am) !!
I enjoyed being alone in the office for at least 1 hour man haha..
but It's okay it's allright..

So moved on to Bugis..
I was planning to go shopping and wait for ptbf..
But by the time I arrived he has done with his stuff
We went to have some bites
and I didn't do any shopping..!!

We went to Nando's!
Since a lot of people were talking about it..
That was my second time trying nando's..
click here for my 1st try (msia)

Hahaha Don't tell him I post this =P
I totally love him the background...
nice wall sticker !

This is totally his photography skill..
nice camera -> bad picture because of bad photographer
and I admit bad object too

Classic Chocolate ! yohoo.!!
The names and prices of the food and beverages !

This is totally my skill..
haha squeezed my face before snapping!
I was wearing a shirt I bought from Gmarket btw..
Just arrive 2 days ago..

Let's end this post by these HDB
For the first time I saw HDB with its lift facing the street..
Is that a common in Singapore?
or it's just me that have been traveling through underground
and don't know what's happening on the surface?

Nites ! Headache now shingzz!

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