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12 June 2010

Saturday so what?

I have been missing =P
reader's visit drop ! =(
CTRL+D please.. =P

Again...Saturday in the Office !! ^o^v
I went to work at 9 this morning...
and It was so great to go for work by TAXI !
How I hope I can travel on the surface of the earth everyday..haha..

But too bad, I am poor.
So that, I have to travel through the underground - MRT
HAHA (so sad)

Just like SuperMario ! wahaha...!

Boss bought a set of breakfast for me! wahaha...
How blissful I am nah !

Vegetarian Bihun !

I am going to share about LIP MASK today!
so again I bought mask on Gmarket -
I bought...
more Shiseido masks as well as lip masks

Instead of BLACK, I bought WHITE and GOLD too..

I have not try it...
gonna share in my future post =)

and TADAA !!

Have you ever heard of LIP mask?
I never heard about it!
until one day I saw it on Gmarket and decided to buy =)

I am currently consuming roacuttane..
My skin shows tremendous improvement..
and together with SUPER DRYNESS
which is good..
I rather have dry skin than oily skin =)
I love my skin now omg!

But as I said, because of the extreme DRYNESS,
my skin gets sensitive to sunlight and also
sensitive to the shower gel, shampoo that I used etc..
I have to use moisturizing product
to prevent my skin from cracking haha!

ok the point,
roacuttane shows obvious sign of dryness on my skin
especially LIPS !
and that's the reason that convinced me to consider a LIP mask!


this is the LIP MASK
I am talking about..
*affordable price definitely*


If you're doing something
serious/important/ you're in the silent room with your sibling,
you might want to stop scrolling down...






don't laugh ! =P or I am so sorry to scare you instead lol
do I looks like a Panda?
I was using a gold eye mask together with my lip mask last night =)

and I love the product...
so far, I am okay to it as you know I have a
hmph.. I am tired of saying this but..
I have an extremely/ super /very sensitive skin...

I bought some other things on Gmarket too...
I am still waiting for it to arrive..
will share about it definitely =)
stay tune okeh!

ok let's continue about what's going on today!

I had yoshinoya for lunch...
Rutan Beef for him and Spicy beef for me..
We love Yoshinoya!

a fruit cake to end my lunch

I was so tired that I fell asleep in front of the lappie just now...
ptbf called for 11 times and 6 smses..
and I wasn't aware of it as my phone was in silent mode...
He was asking me for a dinner...
and now I only have instant noodle option for dinner *sigh

my eyes were tired...

Gucci was tired too..!

ok lah..gonna eat my instant noodle now...
He cooked it just for me =P
don't forget to CTLR +D okay =)

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