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05 June 2010

Saturday in the office

Went to office today...
It was extremely quiet ! huahaua..
I was late for about 10mins =_="
Because It was heavily rained this morning !
So I ran home for umbrella lol
I smsed boss..
and He said
"Its okay, safety first..
ehya! I forgot to tell you,
actually you can come by cab and claim"

=_=" I hope he told me earlier..haha...

Since I was already late, went to buy breakfast first lo...

Reason : I was prepared okay! haha...
I knew I'll definitely have a super late lunch !

Had tuna !And I was right...
I left office at 3pm
ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ <--haha copied from sis's fb lol

aha! I earned 6 hours OT today =P

and Of course I went back home by cab ! hoho..

I am so happy recently !
I've finished my 30 pills of roacuttane !!
click here to refresh memory !
and thanks to mum who smsed "mam obat" to remind me
and my reply were always
"YES boss!"

ckck my face is CLEAN now and my back is getting better =)
I've been using minimum of foundation to office
*save money?
No ! 1 pill of roaccutane costs $3++
one box = almost $100

My foundation only cost $28 !

** Sigh! Being pretty is EXPENSIVE **

and after so much expenses I am still not pretty
that's the disappointing part lol


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