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30 June 2010

Saizeriya - Squid ink spaghetti !

Went to Saizeriya - Italian restaurante,
City Square Mall for dinner yesterday...

That was my second visit ! click here for first visit post..
It has became one of my favorite restorante !
Not only bcoz of the affordable price but also the food!!

Again... we ordered clam chowder =)

Something like roti prata (garlic flavour)..
I forgot what's the italian name...

Tadah! my all-time-fav escargot !!

and I decided to order squid ink spaghetti
after reading all the benefits from the menu...
I thought it will be awful or disgusting..
and surprisingly, It was SO NICE !!
I've ever ate Purple noodle +> click here
Yellow (normal) noodle
White (bee hoo, kway teow) noddle
But that was my first attempt..
trying BLACK noodle..

Just a tips here...
If you're planning to go with someone you like,
you not-so-close friend, your client or whatever...
don't order this....!!!
because the black ink will stained your lips and teeth..
ptbf laughed at me even before I ate till I finished =_="
I kept wiping and wiping and wiping while eating +_+

Whatever !
It was really nice...
you've to try !

It doesn't taste as bad as how it looks...

In fact, for me, it was just like normal mee goreng..


  1. I've eaten black rice too n it was quite nice.hehe..

  2. really? Is that nice?They have squide ink risotto in their menu too..maybe I'll try it next time =)

  3. i've never seen a black noodle too..but those food are tempting..and i m hungry now!!!!


Thanks for your lovely comment!