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03 June 2010


Wahaha This is Gucci drawn by Joe lol..
so fierce lo...ckck...

Hwehwee...I am super TIRED now..
have been OT-ing recently..
There're TONS of works for ME to do...
and also it's because I need 16 Hours of OT
so I can take 2 days leave with PAY !!
(Yes I need that 2 days off to report to SIM)
and unbelievable...
I am going to open my book again LOL!

where's my holiday T-T

(thats also the reason why my blog posts have been short and sweet =P)

I am going to office this Saturday too !! haha...

I want OT !!! =p
Yes ! I've been working very hard for Money !

because I want to buy Best thing for Dad and Mum =P

Reu and I have been working so hard
that our BOSS promised us a TREAT


"We know both of you have been working so hard,
had lunch in the office, come early go home late etc...
I did mentioned this to GM, and to reward you guys,
after these busy period,
we'll hang out to
gether for a meal or whatever
and everything will be on Company
Reu and you will do the planning.."

WOW how enlightening that sentence is..


Ok lah gonna take a bath and sleep
so I have POWER for tomorrow huahuaa...

Tomorrow will be an Extremely BUSY Friday and
TGFTBF !! =)

Thanks God For The Busy Friday =P

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