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24 June 2010

The Pink Card

I have been having Tuna pancake and Rice kueh for breakfast recently!
and so, today, I decided to try something different aha!
So I walked by arcade and decided to buy this Chicken Curry Pie from Han's ! =)

It was not bad =)
What should I have for breakfast tomorrow?
any idea what's good for breakfast?

Life in the office have been peaceful these day..
haha I have surrendered all my works to reu..
I guess he enjoyed it =P

I was so quiet that everyone thought
something was wrong with me.
Boss kept asking "ni okay mah?"
I a fine

Went to OUB,
Joey wanted to return the book she borrowed.
Book!? I only read books when I can't sleep..
haha Book = sleeping pill for me..

OMG my head is spinning when I see this pic lol

For lunch I had yoshinoyathis is so nice right! My peach soda !
Working at Raffles place is HELLya!
I spent 200 bucks before I left...
si liao lo...
Will share my find tmrw =P

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