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06 June 2010

Pat's Oven

When I was otw home from office,
ptbf smsed and asked me to buy nuts for him ..
and so, I dropped by Pat's Oven ! and bought some nuts...

and then I saw this "Abalone Macadamias" and I decided to buy...

It was so nice when you have it warm....!!
It was not hard at all..
I mean some nuts does hurt your teeth..
but this one definitely NOT!
after Google, I found out that it was actually
abalone flavoured macadamias nut !!
It was expensive... =(

Abalone macademias
It was $5.80 / 100 gram
and I bought 200g of it...

It was less than $2.00 / 100 gram
so I bought 200g of it too=)

It cost me almost $15 two buy 2 packed of NUTS !

am I NUTS? =P


  1. 1st time hear. must be nice right?

  2. that's incredibly nuts! I mean it's expensive... :P


Thanks for your lovely comment!