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22 June 2010

Medical check up for Student Pass !

Aha !! My schedule for this week is extremely PACKED !
So to spare a lil bit more time for weekend,
and since there's one Raffles Medical near to my work place.. =)
I decided to go for my medical check up during my lunch time yesterday.
what I did was just to walk in aha!
The person said the whole process will take about one and half hours..
which I don't believe and I took the risk to still do it
as I only have 1 hour lunch =(
Luckily I was right...! It took abt only 30mins?

Raffles medical is rather a high class brand for me
but to my disappointment their services was low class huh..!!
I mean maybe..only for the branch I went..
I was pissed by the person serving at the front desk..
rather rude, no smile nothing!
just answer my question with yes no ! =_="

anyway !
What I did 1st was to test my blood..
Honestly I was quite nervous...

Next was to take off my clothes and ehemp..
Then wore the robe and went into the Xray Room =)

It was a short and sweet process...

It was so sweet that I wasted
my 45mins lunch + abt my 4 hours salary..haha...

Had soya sauce chicken...

I was hesistating while order this...
my back is not fully recover yet and
If I eat something black I afraid it will leave scar lo..
but WHATEVER beh~

Aha !! See I still have time to go around hahahaha...
I saw this shoes bazaar...
It was only $10/ pair
It was all pre-loved shoes! =)
It was for charity purposed..
hoho I saw some not-bad brand like charles and keith etc...
If you're interested you might want to drop by
Raffles Place - Chevron House =)

Had this little Chocolate mouse while watching 7-0 match last night...

Ok lah ! lih luh leh loh !!

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