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20 June 2010

Just another Saturday !

hoho...this lil snow ball so cute right.. =)
Thanks colleague =P

Saturday in the office again...
yuhuu..I guess that was my LAST Saturday operation liao!
coz next week I am going for SHOPPING !! =)
and next next week..
I am going back to Indonesia, Tanah air kuh ckck...
And I guess I am going to skip the orientation camp.. =(
ok anyway !

Bro came to Singapore !
and I met him at Giant- Vivo city..
to shop for groceries and took taxi home !!
Then, we headed to Bugis !
I love how convenience it is from my house to Bugis..
and by Taxi just cost not more than $5 ! =)

Hola ! New ring ! =)
Nice right !! Now I can bring my Gucci everywhere I go haha..

had pepper lunch...I love Unagi !

spotted these sponge cake !!

sponge cake master

hola !! Hmph...not as nice as it looks...
It was not really sweet !
and the sponge cake was quite hard lol

Then we went to SHOP ! hoho...
He bought some shirts
while me !
These were some of my finds !

Hahaha I felt like He was the one who accompanied me for shopping!
Hahaha I supposed to accompany him la aiyo !

Spotted this *Mad About Jay Competition*

We ended our day by having dessert at this Ebisboshi -Iluma !
click here for my prev ebisboshi post last year =)

Ok lah gonna take a bath and headed to City Square Mall for Breakfast

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  1. nice...i love the dress you bought...


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