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22 June 2010

Instant scallop !?

Hahaha Found this in the office...
Someone bought this from somewhere...
Interesting ha !!
Have you ever seen this?
I never know that scallop can be eaten instantly..
I mean anytime anywhere..just like a CANDY!? Hauhaua....
I know there's instant sausage in Indonesia

Instant Egg on my prev post
Instant softshell crab..
Instant cuttle fish..
Instant ikan bilis click here
But this is for the 1st time I heard saw tasted
this instant scallop !?

Hahaha it tasted a lil bit salty...
but I am fine with it.. =)

Is this Interesting to you?


  1. Oh, I've seen that before ! A relative got it for my mom. I think my relative said that scallop is used to cook soups.

  2. Looks like candy. haha! :D

  3. i've eaten that before . :)
    nice :D
    but i didn't see the outer package cover :\

  4. Hi Jumei..yah I saw those dried scallop before..but this is rather different..something like snacks..hehe..Hi Lin! yah it was so convenient...can you imagine when you're traveling in the car with your friend and you ask them do you want to have some scallop? hahaha!! ar riannon do you know where I can get that?

  5. wow.. instant scallop?.. that's the first i've heard..


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