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25 June 2010

Head down to Aries !

OK as promised, I am going to share my finds I got ystd
so basically..One day, when I was on my way home,
I randomly decided to drop by ARIES and then,
I found out that they were having moving out SALE !!
their last day will be on 30 June..
Quickly drop by before next wed =)


Aries has quite a number of outlets..
and I've checked...!!
they were the only outlet that was having this MEGA SALE
other outlet remain the discount at all..

so quickly drop by =)

Most of the accessories were on 20% SALE
(will share in my next post)

and for all these below... 50% man !!

price are before discount =) minus 50% yourself =P

which one is worth to buy?

make up desk on the left...
after discount.. abt 15 only man !

and just beside the make up desk..
there's this thing that looks like cabinet..
also not more than 20 after discount =)
*happy* I can put all my rings there now hoho..

lastly the piano on the right side...
after discount it became only about 8?
so cheap right...

yes I bought this at abt 36 (65 -50%) hikz...
still expensive but its allright..I love it..

I love this cute little chair much much.!!

bought it at 18...
consider so so..
coz I saw cheaper and better one somewhere at city square..sigh..

and so I spent 155 ystd just for all these small small thinggy..
slap me slap me slap me

and I got their PINK CARD! =)

worth it or not? What do you think...
or do you know/ have any better deal?
Please comment =)

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