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15 June 2010

Gucci has a secret admirer !

Duhay ! gw kalah ama Gucci...
Gucci ajah ada yg naksir..
sedih nya...Hahaha...
Pas gw pulang tadi...

sebelum masuk ruma...
gw nampak ini di luar pintu rumah...!!!

Ada yg kasi Gucci mamam...
duhay...Siapa ya?

Translation :

Ohmy~ I lost !
Gucci has secret admirer man !
I am a loser hahaha...
When I went home just now...

before entering the house...
I saw this outside the door!!

Someone gave these food for Gucci
duhay...who is that person?

(Haha sorry I am not good in both Bahasa and English =P)
so what language do you speak?
I speak ow oww...with Gucci =P

Gucci stepping on his dad's shoulder lol


Thanks for your lovely comment!