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29 June 2010


I claimed my 3 days off in lieu..
and so, TODAY is my last day in the office...!!

My day started from a lovely Big Bao !!
Guess from who? From aunty...!!
A lovely aunty who always come to the office earlier than me..
OMG I was nearly cry...She kept saying,
"study hard okay...take care...
don't forget to come and visit aunty
bla bla bla..."
OMG I can't accept those word...coz..I'll cry de la!
I hate farewell !!

She knew that I am a TEA person...
and she made a lovely cup of TEA specially for ME...
OMG....Thanks aunty !!

So...I've cancelled my S PASS !!
Hahaha...getting an S PASS was not easy..
as some of my friend's S pass application were rejected..
I've been holding it for only a month !!?
and now I am cancelling it lol
yes NAO !

I didn't expect that I have to take a picture on that day..
Haha...and my eyes were swollen...
Thanks to eye lashes extension lol

Lucky I didn't cry when I left just now..
Hahaha Reu and Vivian did their best to make me cry...
But unfortunately hahaha!!
Lucky I left no shake hand thinggy...
farewell greeting...bla bla bla...
Or else...
what has happened last year will happen again...
click here

and OMGGGG !!
See this....!!!
Gorgeous Pink Note Book from BOSS...
hahaha 70% almost cry
hahaha...sorry boss..I am not a creative person...
what I can say is just..simply...
I love the gift !!

OMG !! I can't imagine...
I've spent almost 10 months with the company !!
Will I come back to them in the future?
If the door is open for me..I will !!
*By the time, they must have changed to automatic door
no need to open it manually*
Hahhaha sorry random lol

I felt very lucky!!
The company has given me TONS of;
and Opportunities.

Besides, I really appreciate their understanding on my situation..!!

Hahaha...I enjoyed being a part of the company !
and also being a colleague of the colleagues..
(what am I talking about?) haha anyway..

There were lots of jokes going around everyday and..
I will never forget the laughter and
also the humour attitude of my ex-boss,
He never fail to entertain everyone in the office.

saying bye bye is not easy...
so let's say biebie...

and here I new fresh campus life !!!

Coming Soon
5 July 2010



  1. must be a nice experience.. and now, time to enjoy campus life! =)

  2. enjoy your campus life^^ a brand new start


Thanks for your lovely comment!