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06 June 2010

Burberry Fragrance Bag

omg !! so sorry everyone...
I almost forget to post about
the *Free Gift* I got from Burberry =)

Hohoho remember the post about all Burberry fragrance I bought?
click here to refresh memory
click here to view diesel free bag
click here to view anna sui free bag

Hahaha I love to buy fragrance with *FREE GIFT
especially BAGS =)
the Burberry brand bag itself usually cost more than 1k

and If I bought the fragrance which only cost almost $300
I get bags, TWO parfumes and free gifts !!
I know, quality and design might be different..
But for me, that's what called WORTH ! hauhauaa...

ok Lets start with the luggage I got...
There're 2 colours to choose from..
Black and Red..
Since all my luggage are Black,
I choosed red then =) and I love it !!
I never love red that much...Haha...
I was so proud with my luggage
I felt gorgeous when I stroll with it around vivo city wahaha..
gorgeous me luggage !

Next will be Burberry weekend lotion *200ml
original price was abt $62 man !
It smells so nice...!!
that makes me think of buying another fragrance >.<

I am not poor I just love thing that's FOC okay ! =P

Here are some Burberry MAN fragrance samples...
too bad their WOMAN fragrance sample was out of stock =(
Nah !!!!
Last but not least...
My Burberry travel Bag !!!
Checker design...
Outside and INSIDE !! hauhua...
I forget to take photo of inside...

It can be used like this too... =)

There're some more free gift..
But again...
I'll share in my next next post =P stay tune! =)


  1. the luggage u bought izzit swiss polo brand?
    i also just bought a luggage not long ago from TANGS..n also red colour,e design almost same with yours :)

  2. haha i got it for free.. it wa a free gift from the parfumes i bought =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!