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07 June 2010

Adjusting my life =)

Nah !! I'll be going to office at 8 start from today !!
and waking up early is HEAVEN !!
Huahuaa...seriously..I love to wake up early !
omg I love taking bath in the early morning,
relax, do everything SLOWLY..
aha! walk to office instead of RUN haha...
omg! I can't believe I have time to buy breakfast too...

Today I bought JollyBean instead of MrBean
I prefer MrBean lo... wohoho...
and I bought a Big Chicken Pao too..

This is what called BREAKFAST loh..huh!


For lunch Guess what I had?
BAKSO !! omg !!
It has been soooo longggg since last time I had Bakso hikz...
I went to Banquet with Joey and found this bakso..
wohooo I was damn happy yippy yippy...!!

and of course everyday HEALTHY FRUIT JUICE =)

Pear, Rock Melon, Pineapple
Aids on Kidney diseases,
prevent swelling of body part,
keep blood clean and detox !

Check mail box...
yay I've earned 17 Hours of OT till today !!
Enough for me to go for enrollment and bla bla bla session =)
ehya I am still waiting for my graduation photo and plaque loh!

Lastly for Dinner...
I had this GOGO franks sausage...!!

2 char sio
2 sate
4 cheese

= $3/ 8pcs

I love the satay flavoured sausage !! =)

Let my (still have bang) picture haunt your dream haha...
nite! gonna take a warm warm bath and
have a sweet sweet sleep
with my baby baby Gucci =)

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