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10 May 2010

Yes Mother Day

went back to Indonesia for couple of days...
have fun w/ sis bro mum and dad=)
I arrived on Friday evening.


We went to buy phone straight away =) Then before going home, we dropped by shopping mall for INDOMIE and TEH SOSRO ckck..

On Saturday, we started our day by going to Batam City Square Mall. We went to Breeks to have some light snacks..

Now I know...
I have to trim my bangs once every 2-3 weeks...

LOL It's too long now.. =(
I can hardly see things clearly haha...

Potato Island!

Then, I decided to go for Lashes extension near to Breeks Cafe, Merqure (recommended by Xiiaocing on Facebook) thanks XC =). I was quite surprise when I found out that the one who will do it for me was a GUY and yes the GUY own the shop. I forgot what's his name lol Wahaha...So we did chit chat a lot. And He said that he think he knows me. LOL he saw my facebook before. wahaha I have no idea =) Anyway Overall I love it. The lashes not him! lol

So that was my 1st time doing lashes extension. And I found it irritating wahaha... imagine you can remove all your make up but not your lashes... how irritating was it. And you've to avoid OIL when you remove make up. How to remove make up without oil when all my make up is water resistance? And you can imagine your lashes carry some water on top when you're taking bath too wahaha seriously IRRITATING. I expected the lashes to be just like my normal lashes SOFT. But I don't know why mine was rather HARD I guess it's because of the glue. But....Is all lashes extension lashes HARD? Hmph...Or it's just me being the new to lashes extension? fiuh~ Anyway, so when I wash my face, I have to skip my eyes part because I can't just cross by it. But I don't need to put any make up on eyes. That's the fabulous part!

This is random
The Body Shop Star Loyalty member preview Invite !
Hoho 30% of all products.

Move on to Sunday !
It was a RAINY DAY ! and also MOTHER DAY =)
sweet combination!
Wahaha super daddy!

New camera extreme flash light
+ light from outside
+ Heavy make up
+ my natural skin colour
= scary


Went to Church, same as last year, all mummies were being invited to the stage.. and us, as children have to give present and hug mums in front. Lucky this year was different. Haha because I no! WE cried last year..aiyoh! haha so embarrassing. This year we were just being tasked to give the present. No hug hug thingy that would makes me cry wahaha..

Who's that aunty w/ umbrella? =P
Gift from church happy mAther Day ^^
gift to my mum of course...
Not me okay! =P
My baby is not born yet wahahahaha....

It was raining times two

tada ! for your viewing pleasure..
wahaha...ok lah not me.. my sis okay!

almost the same. NO! Different =P



behind the screen wahaha..
me being camera ready =P

Sis and Bro

you can skip this..wahahaha...

ah-ma mother day cake

mum mother day cake

Mum don't want me to post her pic here.
But Mother day Post man!
How I can skip mother pic!
so I still post it but the mini size one wahaha =P

Me replacing her,
Camwhoring with her flower! =P
Hahaha..ok la ok la I am a mum too okay! Happy? *LOL

Went to have caesar salad...
dad mum bro had salmon steak...
and the rest I forgot =P

At La Costa a MUST VISIT place
everytime when I went back!

Lastly Me and little Merzy!


  1. i like the super daddy part! sweet! =)

  2. I'm sure you had a great mother's day :)

  3. Haha Not me but My mum..she had a great mother day =P

  4. aw...daddy so sweet^^

  5. sweet pic of ur mom although it's mini sized =P

  6. aiseh, whole family r either engtaukia or liangmoi.


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