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16 May 2010

Vivo City Fun !

So when I heard about VIVO...
What's on my mind will be....
Hell *haha because I used to go there every day!
Nasi Padang Garuda ! *don't know? YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!
Golden Village *gold class recently =P
Pet Lover! *something for Gucci
Daiso! My favorite =P
Giant! *It's cheaper than fairprice lo!
Forever21, River Island, Zara, Topshop, Crocodile etc etc..
There's a lot more....!!

So...anyway...these are some pictures of FOOD !!
(as usual! it appears a lot on my blog)
We went to have Nasi Padang
(Indonesian, Padang cuisine)
at GARUDA, Vivo City #B1
These pictures were taken on the day we watched
I know this is not important but I want to mention!
Robin Hood *GoldClass..

what's popular abt nasi padang?

Beef Rendang is a must !

Ayam Goreng is a must!

this hati ayam dan telor puyuh is a Double MUST

and there's another dishes !
ayam gulai (something like curry chicken)
spot that in the picture?
(I forgot to take close-up pic of it)
It's also a must try dish...
ok la try EVERYTHING is MUST try dishes actually wahaha =P
This was my dinner on that day wahahahaha =PArt !

I want that hair too !! =)

Have a Great great day !

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