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27 May 2010


Being in the office = Having a slim fattening programme

Seriously FATTENING...!! Within this week,
I have been eating a lot of snacks everyDAY !
mum will faint when she read my blog..
hahaha !! let pictures do the talking =_="

Chicken pie...
with awe-filling
sausage bun and I don't know what's that...hauhua...

some french pastry

Chocolate danish

timtam !!
was very chocolatie...
again the famous warm cheese bun !
according to colleagues, you need to be patience to buy that bun
as they always have EXTREMELY long queue...

and I am going to check it out somedays later =)

but seriously it was awesome !! a must try bun !

Fortune cookie from Ms Tay !!

and I got this for today !! =)
"Do not worry about what lies ahead"

carrot+apple+ carrot juice..
to improve skin complexion

Buttercup from Sharon =)

Lastly, I bought 8 days magazine
and I got the goodie bag total was $2 only... =)

Ok lah...that's it....
OMG today is Thursday ! and Tommorow is Holiday !!
How good is that!
But I hate lah...
I've to work until 7.30 today huh...

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  1. Looks like u are enjoying ur work XD


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