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22 May 2010

BB cream and dresses

So I bought this BB cream online..
If I am not wrong...
it was about $17?
I just tried this morning..
was good but the coverage was not that perfect.. =)
and the colour was quite light
as there's no colour for me to choose from..
I still prefer liquid foundation...
But of course BB cream is good for you,
if you don't need any coverage =)
as it's not only a foundation but
it also moisturize and protect your skin...

I bought a long shirt and 2 dresses online
and I am so happy that I can fit in =P
as I am fat (don't be cheated by my pic) haha!
It's cheap, rare design and looks NICE on me..
whauhua happy happy....
This is only a hint picture...
I'll take photo when I wear it and I'll post it next time..
so do come back and read my blog often =P

I get everything from

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