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03 May 2010

Romance since 2003 ! *Classic haha!

OMG !!! So I dreamed about someone last night...

*Someone sweet !*

I dreamed about that someone
who used to be very attentive to me

I dreamed about that someone
who used to SURPRISE me

I dreamed about that someone
who never say NO to me

I dreamed about that someone
who always encourage me
when I was afraid to fail

I dreamed about that someone
who always watched me secretly,
know what I did, where I went etc

I dreamed about that someone
who used to surprise me by saying
"I'm outside your house" in the middle of the night
*omg how surprise was that!

I dreamed about that someone
who never give up on me,
no matter how cruel I am

I dreamed about that someone
who used to be very sweet to me..

I need those NOW !
I've forgotten what's the feeling of DATING =(
I need love
I need some sweetness in my life...

Created by Rene

hahaha yes..we've ever learnt about PRODUCT life cycle..
which In my opinion, I think it applies to romance too!
People with successful relationship should
STOP at the GROWTH stage.
The love should grow forever and will never die!

and when your relationship is getting bored..
In my opinion, you better start again from getting..
because your partner may think that
you're no longer important/ interesting
and that's the reason for a relation to get bored!

well I am not an EXPERT
yes, I never lose in my every relationship
except this time..! Unfortunately!


I missed the day when I was still popular..

I love attention!
I love mysterious letter/ gift
(PS : the gift is not as important as the mysterious)
You get what I mean? =P

As I mentioned I love surprise !

I remembered...
They're once a mysterious person in the MRT
suddenly came toward me with a note saying
"Your eyes are beautiful"
hahaha yes I am showing off but..
I am happy that someone did admire my eyes =P
and it made my day!

I've ever received 2 GIANT bears
on my desk (during high school)
during valentine day
*omg* how proud was that..
but I was just too shy...
I asked my friend to carry it for me lol

I've ever received a bottle of mineral water
on my desk too...
yes I know it's nothing..
maybe someone just accidentally
place the water on my desk.. LOL

I've ever received a wallet
on my birthday...
my friend passed it to me without saying
who's the sender

I've ever received a skeleton doll
same thing my friend (different friend)
passed it to me without telling me the sender
Maybe the sender hate me =p

gift, or
even angpao !
ok ok enough enough...
readers don't hate me..
please bear with me..
I just want to recall how happy I was..
anyway that was years ago...
I am not as popular as I was..

whoever you are...

Before this, a month ago?
when I went back to Indonesia..

I found some letters that I kept..
I decided to blog about it .
But I never know how to start...

and today, for your reading pleasure
I am going to reveal it !


those letters were from different senders..

SO PLEASE !! don't guess who they are...

I've tried my best to censor the part that I think it needs to.
If you're the sender and you're reading my blog..
and you think that your are not comfortable with it..
PLEASE TELL ME seriously...
this is something serious..
But as I assumed those letters are mine!
,I decided to post..
*no offence, Seriously NO OFFENCE
I just want to share..
but please tell me
if you're really not comfortable okay! =)


So I started to blog have a diary
and have the hobby of writing
(eventhough I didn't write very well)
from a present from someone =)

My favorite colour was blue =)

2003 man ! 7 years ago! ^o^v
I don't know why..
But I felt happy yet excited
when I think about my life years back!

ok let's start!

Move on to year 2004!
what language do you want?
I have Malay, English and even Chinese
(which I can't even read) =)

Don't you think that it's very sincere!
and I don't know why...
I just felt that hand-written notes are more

This is only the cover..
the content? *secret =P
I love this China Airline piece of paper...
That's mean, someone was thinking of me
Wherever he go wahaha...*drama..
No no kidding..I am just Kidding =P seriously..
ya la ya la...I am ge-er can? =P

This is funny !
He didn't attend my 17th birthday party.. it yourself =P

I miss my teenage life!
when I don't need to care about marriage!
about future!
about everything!

and let's end this post with this Chinese content letter..
after asking around, finally I knew that...
it's a song lyrics!
hohoho I hope you guys enjoy my post =)

I never expect that I am in this situation now..
But I am lost!


  1. awww.i used to keep lots of these letters too....but throw away after someone found them under my bed sheet :-P

  2. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  3. =) thanks everyone for the comment hihi..

  4. ohmywtf...who found it and throw it away? =P

  5. these are so sweet :) i had memories like that too but thumbs up for your romance life cycle! totally agree with it

  6. Hi Jiashinlee..thanks for visiting...hopr you find my post interesting hehe...

  7. I dun use diary book cuz I'm lazy to write...

    And now I have blog... and I feel the other way round... I already become active! :D


Thanks for your lovely comment!