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28 May 2010

Princess of Persia

I guess a lot of you are familiar with this
**Hair Bump !!
Since last year, I've been seeing these on facebook
I bought this online...
for RP 50.000 = abt $8

it's still you can find it cheaper on gMarket =)
It's easy to use....
It came with several design
and for me, I only use the one on the top (shown in this picture below)
The highest height bump (so I can looks taller) hahaha
The rest are not high enough for me =P

It came with hair pin =)
This is how it looks when I used it.
to make it better, you can add accessories to it
these are some the suggested accessories
How gold is that =P

And this is me Princess of Persia with my horse puppy =P

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