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04 May 2010

Paradise Inn

So Instead of having Mcd, KFC, Pizza Hut whatever !!!
One night, we decided to go to City Square for dinner (rare)
and finally we decided to go to Paradise Inn..
The location of the restaurant is very hidden..
it's facing outside the fountain level B1

It was very very crowded !
wonder why? and I found out that...
and also tasty !! =)

So luckily we managed to settle down and ordered...
and with the crowd like this we've expected that
we have to wait !
yes I've waited for 15-20min..


His paradise milk tea and my lemongrass + passion fruit

1st dishes ! I love thiss !!!!!!!!!
salted egg prawn !!
this is my all time favorite..
It's nice...
but not as nice as Asian Kitchen salted egg prawn..
and there're only 6 pieces of prawn..omg..
so pelit! (stingy)
I love Pu tien salted egg prawn too..
But I hate it with ma fan =P

For me, Old chang kee fried chicken is better...
but again..this is also not too bad...

OMG !! For the first time I finished this much of tofu !!
before this, we'll hardly finish the tofu that we ordered
when we dine in other restaurant...
but not for this...
this is god damn nice !! ma po tofu =)

and tada !! this is their signature dishes !!!
actually the signature dishes was
Minced meat with salted fish !!
but Instead of that,
we ordered minced meat with salted egg...
and it was just not too bad...
not as what we expected...

Let's end with dessert
Mango Sago !

Ok lah not too bad too..hohoho =P

we spent abt $70 for all these =)
and we got $10 voucher in return hoho...


  1. Woww..I wanna try the minced meat..Droooll

  2. The ma po tofu looks real nice, must go try someday.

  3. OMG!!! MISS the good food back home!!!


Thanks for your lovely comment!