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15 May 2010

Paradise Inn 2nd visits

So this time round, it was really different.
We're the only guest wahahaha...
all the staff were so attentive.
table setting was better.
and everything was better =)
I guess I'll go there again definitely
as I just received another $10 voucher ckck

I tried their salted fish fried rice that day
and I was so shock when it was served to my table!
The portion was for 2-3 person lo...
so huge lol...
and that was the SMALL portion,
they have SML.
Something beef I forgot the name lol
Same as last time,
ma po tofu and shrimp paste fried chicken
Lastly dessert,
Melon Sago
Red Bean paste w/ dumpling?
Spent abt $70

that's it beh...

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