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17 May 2010

One Night at Bugis!

YAY so...
Yesterday was the LAST DAY of star loyalty promotion...
I rushed myself down to Bugis and
grabbed all the things I want..wahaha... as usual..
some shampoos, conditioners, foundations etc...
I always buy their shampoo and conditioner...
simply because..
all of my family members are using it..

I will recommend
*Ginger Shampoo and *Honey Conditioner =)

My scalp is sensitive so...
If I used other brand's shampoo,
my scalp will become itchy and
my hair will be sticky which was
god-damn-IRRITATING yeah...
that's the reason why I am so addicted to TBS !
I was FORCED to be addicted
these were what I bought and free gift
(always lah!)

Some of their new products

to top up my expenses, to get free gift
I add-on this organic cotton for 4.90? I forgot...

(click to enlarge..)

and start from TODAY ! They will be having weekly promotion....
check it out...!!
Before I purchased those yesterday
(In fact EVERYTIME before I purchased the body shop),
I'll do some research...
(check their website is an option)

just in case they will have better deal maybe not today
but tomorrow, next week bla bla bla....

YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!! If not you'll cry...!!
haha TBS always have A LOT of promotion in a year...
I'll buy thE bodyshop
only when they're having at least a 30% promotion..!

Because..they WILL have it..
(trust me..this is my experience so far)

sometimes even 40%,60% well depends..

for dinner...ptbf favorite...
his rutan beef and my kiddy bento!
min portion but still A LOT lor... =(

As usual,
I forced him to to this =P


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