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06 May 2010

My Website Traffic =)

So I think some of you may be curious about The traffic on my site.. Well..It's not much seriously... I joined Nuffnang since end of year 2009.. December if I am not wrong.. And it's really a good and easy platform to manage your website.. You'll get to know

1. How many visitor you get Per Day, Week, Month

2. Where they came from (Demography : Indonesia, Singapore, etc)
3. Keyword (Which word in your blog that lead to your visitor's visit)

4. Referral, From which site your visitor came from (face book? Google? etc..)

5. And also Earning (You'll earn money by having visitor clicking on your banner ads =)) Haha In this case, I didn't earn much huhu...So please do me a favour, If you're dropping by my blog, You might want to notice my banner ads, interested?, click it =P

So recently, to make my site traffic even better,
I joined several communities and I did some publicity too... I publicize my website on

1. Facebook
3. (actually this is not a good idea)
4. (click this )

So which platform will I recommend?


It's hard to believe but I did receive quite a number of visitor through I didn't do much things on it. Honestly, what I did was just to register and on the next day, I received 6 review on my site and also quite a number of visitor =)


This is another platform to get visitor. Because everyone has the same hobby. To get heavy traffic,you need to put more effort compare to linkreferral. You'll need to keep asking people to Nang you post etc etc..


Share your post on facebook...Your friends might interested to read about what have you been doing, where did you go, what are you thinking etc.. 4. (NOPE!)

Don't try to promote your site here. You'll get warn! wahaha..because this is a community site and the purpose of it is to share information not selling your site.

I hope this post is useful for you =)


  1. nice! Thanks for sharing... :D

  2. Tried a lot of these when i 1st starting to blog...but i find tat its hard to have loyal readers.

  3. Hi Irene, Thanks for sharing. N I love Dean Martin's song too! Enjoy your blog. Keep on blogging!

  4. nice post :) thanks for the information for new bloggers like me (im only one month into blogging)


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