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05 May 2010

My PT Boyfriend is a BIG POKEMON Fans

Yes I don't believe I am saying this...
But..I am a Pokemon master now...WAHAHA!!!
I was being forced to watch this DEMO..
and I have to really LEARN...

I was being Forced to do the QUIZ
at the end

he said
"klo ga lewat quiz nya..aku ketok kepala lu"

(If you failed the quiz I'll knock your head)
wahahaa DATE VIOLENCE ! -_-"

And I am posting this because...
I was the winner for the 1st Two Round..

The game is interesting actually...
you've to collect basic pokemon 1st..
attached energy to it and attack..

each pokemon has certain hit point (HP)

Pikachu have 60 HP
and 10 damage power (1 energy)

Caterpie have 40 HP
and 20 damage power (1 energy)

So when Pikachu have 1 energy attached,
he can attack Caterpie with 10 damage power

And so Caterpie 40 HP - 10 Damage..
left with 30 HP to survive..
It continue until one of the pokemon knock out..
hahaha something like that...

There's also an evolution card to make your pokemon
even more powerful
(more HP and more Damage power)
I can't believe I am teaching lol

he's really a childish crazy Pokemon fans..
let's see what he got..

Pokemon Game on his DS

Series of Comics

An Introduction book of Pokemon

attached to Gucci...
ridiculous !

Haha it's something like a Tamagochi
You've to bring that and walk around..
to level up your Pokemon!
and he came out with an Idea to attach it to Gucci
as Gucci ran a lot at home -_-""
and now...
Gucci has became a GucciMon lol this is what I have been doing these days..
and here I am with a **Good News**
I received a call from HR yesterday
saying that my S PASS has been approved !
yay at least I can avoid to play Pokemon for a period
Because I've been losing
since he got his limited edition card


And today is exactly 15days away from my
**graduation Ceremony**
had promised to keep myself fit..
I know I've been saying this
for hundreds thousands of time..
Huh disappointed...

I had porridge for dinner last night
ok this is to make myself feel better only =P

Fish Porridge $6 *exp


  1. Serious? Can't believe there are people playing this. Cools.

  2. I stopped playing this 10 years ago...ur bf is sure a hardcore fan ^^


Thanks for your lovely comment!