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01 May 2010

My Chicken Rice Porridge Recipe ! part time bf always complain in front of me..

A : "All my friend thought that you can cook very well...How disappointing!"

R : "Yes, of course I can. *giggling Please say thank you to your friend =P Or maybe you want me to cook for them? =D"

A : "(roll eyes) You can't even cook rice properly"

R : "'s because I never know the exact amount of water I should put, TAS didn't teach me how to cook rice last time =P"

A : "I cooked even better than cah kangkung, my onion pork etc"

R : "Hellow! I am a tourism student..How can you cook better than me, Contractor!"

A : "Show it to me!"

R : "No Problem!"



R : (looking for ingredient)


I found my favorite
pork ball,
kanimi (crab meat),
fish tofu,
chicken rice paste !!

So to prove that I can cook rice...
I am going to cook.......

what's wrong?
it's also from rice!! =D

1. Wash your rice..
2. Add water (you agak agak yourself lah) put as much as you think it's alright =P Because we're going to cook porridge ! wahaha *Happy
3. Add chicken rice PASTE !!!! (it's really nice) you can find it from fairprice..
4. Fried the pork ball, kanimi, fish tofu with a lot of onion..!! and put it aside first.
5. wait for the rice to transform into porridge...
6. Put the dishes on the top of the porridge..
7. Enjoy Porridge ala Irene =P

I love to cook porridge!
yay! as I can add as much water as I can..hihi...

I love to cook...
It just that I can't cook rice mah rofl

Tadaaaa done !!! =)
Gucci is waiting! fragrance my porridge is =P

Add pork floss !! it will taste sweet and salty =)



Thanks for your lovely comment!